Construction of Ferrari Land reaches midway point to April 2017 opening

One year after the beginning of its construction, the new theme park Ferrari Land is progressing according to schedule and will start its activity coinciding with the new season of Port Aventura in Salou, a town located in the Tarragona region, in the south of Catalonia. The operators have completed the land conditioning and foundations. Currently they are working on the buildings and also on the installation of eight rides. “We are going as planned”, stated the Development Manager of Port Aventura, Luis Valencia, during his recent visit to Ferrari Land. The theme park has an investment of €100 million and over the next few weeks the operators will carry out the urbanisation of 60,000 square metres. Port Aventura World Parks & Resorts expects to attract an extra million visitors per year following its opening.

Ferrari Land will be separate from the Port Aventura theme park. Even so, the Italian theme park will be part of the Port Aventura World Parks & Resorts, together with Port Aventura and Costa Caribe Aquatic Park. The construction will be finished by the end of the year, when the company will start to sell tickets. People will be able to buy them only for Ferrari Land or also combined with the other two parks.

The Cavallino Rampante, the tallest rollercoaster in Europe

Testing of the Cavallino Rampante will start in June. A huge crane has hoisted a nine-ton Ferrari race team shield, called the Cavallino Rampante (“prancing horse”), which is 12 metres tall by nine metres wide, at the entrance to the rollercoaster. With a capacity of 1,200 passengers per hour, it will be the main attraction of Ferrari Land.

The Cavallino Rampante will accelerate from 0 to 180 kilometres per hour in five seconds. It has a height of 112 metres, to which people will rise and later drop sharply over 30 seconds. It will be the tallest rollercoaster in Europe. “Everybody will want to simulate how a F1 driver feels”, explained Luis Valencia. Family, friends and curious observers will be able to see the emotional ride in a spectator stand near the Cavallino Rampante.